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 Provincial Success  

The Guelph Ringette Association began competing at the Provincial level in the 2002/2003 season. Since that time, the following are our top results at the Provincial and Canadian National Championships.

2019 Championships

U19AA - National Champions & Provincial Gold Medalists! 

U19A - Provincial Silver Medalists (Jacks Division)

U14A  - Provincial Silver Medalists (Jacks Division)

2018 Championships

U19AA - Provincial Gold Medalists (Undefeated)

U12PP - Provincial Silver Medalists (McCarthy Division)

2017 Championships

U19AA - Provincial Gold Medalists 

U19AA - 6th Overall Canadian Nationals - Team Champions in Skills Competition - Claire Wyville (2nd Line All-Star) most Accurate Shooter

U12PP - Provincial Gold Medalists (Jacks Division)

2016 Championships

U19AA - National Champions & Provincial Silver Medalists!

U19A - Provincial Gold Medalist (McCarthy Division)

U16A - Provincial Champions, Eastern Canadian Silver Medalists

U14AA - Provincial Bronze Medalist

2015 Championships
U19AA - Provincial Gold Medalists and 5th at the Canadian Ringette Championships as Team Ontario. 1st Line All-Star: Abby Richardson

U19A - Provincial Gold Medalist (McCarthy Division)

U16AA - Provincial Bronze Medalist

U12PP - Claerbout - Gold Medalists (Cockburn Division)

2014 Championships

U19AA - Provincial Gold Medalists (undefeated) and Team Ontario title

U16AA - Canadian Ringette National Champions & Provincial Gold Medalists and - 1st Line All-Star: Samantha Gorgi and Emma Eccles. 2nd Line All-Star: Nicole Shaw and Mariah Coverdale.

U12PP - Provincial Silver Medalists

U14AA - 5th Place and Sportsmanship Recipient
U14A - Bronze Medalists (McCarthy Division)
U16A - 4th Place (Jacks Division)

2013 Championships
U12PP - Provincial Bronze Medalist
U14AA - Provincial Silver Medalist (McCarthy Division) & Sportsmanship Award
U16AA - Provincial Gold Medalists and Canadian Bronze Medalists, National Ringette Championship. 1st Line All-Star: Halli Berry.

2012 Championships
U12PP - 4th place (Cockburn Division)
U14AA - Provincial Gold Medalists and Eastern Canadian Ringette Championship Gold Medalists
U16AA - Provincial Bronze Medalists

2011 Championships
U12PP - Provincial Gold Medalists
U14AA - Provincial Bronze Medalists
U16AA - 5th Place

2010 Championships
U12PP (Petite AA) - Provincial Gold Medalists
U14AA (Tween AA) - Provincial Gold Medalists and Bronze Medalists - Eastern Canadian Ringette Championships. 1st Line All-Star: Abby Richardson.
U19AA (Belle AA) - 5th Place

2009 Championships
Petite AA - Silver Medalists
Tween AA - 4th Place
Belle AA - 4th Place

2008 Championships
Petite AA - 5th Place

2007 Championships
Petite A - Gold Medalists
Tween A - 5th Place
Junior AA - Bronze Medalists

2006 Championships
Tween AA - 8th Place

2005 Championships
Tween A - Bronze Medalists and Sportmanship Award Recipient
Petite A - 4th Place

2004 Championships
Petite A - Gold Medalists and Sportsmanship Award Recipient

2003 Championships
Petite A - Bronze Medalists