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Basic Rules

-Ringette is played on any standard rink
-5 skaters and a goalie
-the object is to score goals in the net of your opponent
-a Ringette stick is used to pass, control and shoot an 8" hollow rubber ring between teammates

-free-pass: play is started by a free-pass, similar to the start of a soccer game; the player 'taking the free-pass' has FIVE seconds to pass the ring outside the circle to a teammate; any stoppage in play will result in a free-pass to restart the game, usually in the nearest free-pass circle; some defensive free-passes are replaced by a 'goaltender ring'

-blue line: rules restrict any one player from carrying the ring the full length of the ice; the ring must be passed over each blue line to ANOTHER player

-free-play lines: restricted areas in the deep offensive and defensive zones; each team is allowed up to three skaters at a time in each end; if a team pulls their goaltender they can put an extra player into the zone; when a team is serving two penalties at least one player from that team must remain outside of their defending zone

-goal crease: no players (or sticks) are allowed in the goal crease at any time except the goalie; if the goalie has possession, he/she has 5 seconds to distribute the ring out of the crease

-penalties: there is no intentional contact allowed in Ringette, with all rules geared toward the safety of the players; most penalties are 2 minutes in length but some can warrant a 4 minute major if it is deemed intentional or particularly rough.

For a complete list of Ringette Canada rules, click here.